aww parenting.
July 18, 2011, 2:25 pm
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Whether you say “aww parenting” or “AHHH!! PARENTING”… The fact of the matter is (and I’m sure I will offend someone somewhere), no one knows what they are doing when it comes to parenting.

I would call myself a little more educated in the parenting world than the average joe BUT that is only because I take a genuine interest in what parenting is and what makes a good or bad parent. I’ve read many books before I was taking care of children.  I should also mention, I only have a step-daughter at this point in my life.

All I’m saying is that there are too many variables to ever consider when communicating or raising another human being.  I believe that deliberate listening and speaking are very important–but duh, right?

At this moment, I have learned it is helpful to validate the feelings of a child no matter how absurd or silly they may seem to an adult.  We are adults.  We’ve been around this worldly block a few times, we have learned to expect a few things here and there.  We can understand what it means to be sarcastic because we have had experience with it.  We understand joking and exaggerating because we have learned through experience why those are all things that are important.  We have had our hearts broken when we hear about the the easter bunny and santa claus yet now we can understand why we keep this huge secret. (well, some of us have.  I still don’t get it and my heart is a little confused by it all hehe).  We understand when someone says, “yeah, why don’t you take your time we only have to be there in 5 mins,” that they are really being sarcastic and want you to hurry.   We understand that this is their way of being a jerk and dealing with their own emotions and we can roll our eyes and carry on with our tasks.  Children do not get it yet.

They hear the words you are saying and take it as truth.  What a world it would be if we could all maintain that purity?

I think encouraging children to speak about their feelings instead of catering to their grunts and moans and cries is extremely important.  This teaches them to listen to their feelings and act accordingly.  Think about it, if you were in a totally new experience, it would be difficult to understand what is going on in the world.  You would need to get your feet on the ground and understand your experience around you before you could begin to understand what is happening inside of your mind.  What a breath of fresh air it would be for someone to not only give you the space to figure out how you’re feeling but then encourage and inspire you to figure it out.  phew!

Children are constantly changing.  All. of. the. time.

Having a step-child, this is easy to see because she does not live in our house all of the time.  Parents with children in their homes may not see the subtle and slight changes as often.  It’s interesting to me, when babies are learning new things all of the time, we take notice and praise their advancement.  It seems around the age of 2, we stop noticing as much.  I don’t know about you but I’m 26, and I still feel like I’m learning new and interesting things about my existence on a pretty regular basis. I do my best to notice slight and subtle changes within myself.  I think it’s important to recognize this in each other as well.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to instill spirituality and gratitude in children. My mind has found this topic to be exciting and challenging! I have found a lot of great books to incorporate and games to play.  I also know that leading by example is the best solution.  One of the challenges I will face is consistency.  She will not always be at our house to experience that sort of life to adapt to her own life.

How would YOU teach children about recycling and respecting mother nature and all of her gifts and seeing the beautiful light in each one of us?

Dream Therapy
July 15, 2011, 11:34 am
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Dreams keep some people from sleeping.  Dreams inspire people to invent or create.  Dreams can be windows to other dimensions of our psyche.  But, can someone else penetrate your dreams?

I used to see a dream therapist who would help dissect my crazy awesome, vivid dreams.    I learned so much from him about many different aspects of my life.  He would always say, everything in your dream is you.  Each person, animal, symbol, creature, feeling, etc etc–is you.  So find out what that means you to and that is the first step to seeing your dream in a different light.

Well–last night (which I just woke up from less than an hour ago), was a real doosey.  Once again, I pose the question, do you think other people can penetrate your dreams? When I said this to Micheal this morning, he said “don’t say things like that, it’s scary.” I couldn’t agree more!

I’ve done some investigating about energies not of this plane, and one thing I have found to be very helpful is affirming “if you do not have legs, you are not welcome here!” I know, it sounds strange and weird.  But think about it, those “energies” that are not grounded are not welcome.  In fact, people who are not grounded are not welcome.  What is grounded? That feeling of being rooted in something: in your life, in this life. I feel it’s a benchmark,  a baseline–somewhere everyone can relate to and then learn to build on.  You must have a foundation.

Ok-back to dreams.  In my dream, I felt like someone was trying to get something from me and neither of us knew what it was.  Like I was being chased but no one knew why, not even the chaser. Naturally, I stopped and made it clear in my dream that this feeling was not welcomed. I know who was chasing me and that is what concerns me. People with egos in the spiritual world are dangerous.  But, to what extent?

Honestly, I’m not going to give this much thought.  When I close my laptop, I’m going to get into the shower and start my day of work as usual.  I just find this interesting and worth pondering.  Feel free to leave your thoughts 🙂


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I am a young woman.  I am a Massage Therapist.  I am a girlfriend.  I am a Step-Mom. I am a dancer.  I am a Spiritualist.

I like being outdoors. I like gardening & flowers.  I like listening to music.  I like learning and pondering about the future and the world.

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