I’m coming out…
July 3, 2012, 2:39 pm
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I’m coming out of the last few days of a cleanse.  It was a mostly easy cleanse but effective.  I had a list of foods to avoid and a list of foods to eat. I gradually increased from 1 shake (full of protein & other fun stuff) to 2 shakes a day and prepared healthy meals and snacks in between.  I felt satisfied and sustaining and only rarely hungry.  The purpose of doing the detox was to start over, to get my body feeling clean again.  As I am slowing adding food back into my diet, the effects have been astonishing.  The foods to eat included: chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish.  I could eat as many veggies and fruit and nuts as I wanted.  The foods to avoid included: beef, pork, gluten (wheat), dairy, & soy. I think I had the most issue with dairy (as I love cheese) and soy (which is in everything) but I think I did pretty darn good! Admittedly, I did cheat once or twice and I could see a difference.  After three weeks, I could feel myself beginning to get angry at fish.  I knew it was time to start incorporating other foods back into my diet.  The first night, my boyfriend and myself wanted pasta.  We’ve gone so long without it, that’s what we wanted.  So I made spaghetti and macaroni and cheese (if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it all the way, right?) Phew! I got the reaction I was looking for.  The next day I felt overall, terrible! I was emotional. I couldn’t breathe.  I felt groggy.  I felt like I was having an allergy attack.  OH! I was.  So I have decided that I have a gluten intolerance.  I’ve been tested before for Celiac’s Disease and know that I don’t have that. I’ve been pretty much gluten free for almost 2 months now and anytime there is a little gluten, I can tell!  After a few weeks, I started craving potatoes! I’ve heard that many times people with a gluten intolerance, do not do well with potatoes either.  I seem to be ok with them so I eat them.  After a few weeks, I was craving a lot of the usual food I used to eat (pizza, pasta etc) I went back to my chiropractor and told him of my experience.  He explained to me that the body can crave the food you should not have because of adrenaline.  When the body has food that it is intolerant of, it creates a rush of adrenaline (heart burn, diarrhea, headache, whatever) and that is what the body is actually craving–the adrenaline rush.  I thought that was very interesting and made a lot of sense.  So I guess instead of eating the pizza, we should just go sky diving to suffice our bodies. Hehe just kidding! The challenges I’ve come to face are social situations where I’m not sure what is in the dish or just having yummy stuff all around.  More and more, my friends are either going gluten free or are sensitive of my gluten-free life.  I think that it will get easier over time to say no and to feel good about it.  I’ve taken an active interest in cooking healthy, yummy meals for my family and feel pretty dang good overall. I’m not saying you should be gluten-free but I am saying you should find out what works for you and what your body needs. Until next time, Spread some JOY!


September 2, 2011, 5:15 am
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On a whim, I decided to buy a seed pack of Wheatgrass seeds. I’ve heard wheatgrass is super awesome for you and I know it’s used in smoothies quite often. I planted it and in about 2 days I had sprouts!

2 Days!

2 Days!

Ok.. now that I have sprouts..what do I do with them?

I’ve heard in the past that you need a special juicer so you don’t clog a regular juicer.  Tonight, while Micheal is sleeping and I’m not, I thought I would do some research. I came across a really good article on the benefits of wheatgrass. The full article can be found here:


The low-down on juicers: 

  • Electric juicers are expensive.  The cheapest one was $299.
  • The reason you should use a wheatgrass juicer instead of a regular juicer.  Just as I suspected, the grass can actually clog your juicer.  Furthermore, the high speed of the blade can actually oxidize the enzymes.  Which means you may loose some of the goodness you are trying to achieve by consuming wheatgrass. Regular juicers have an RPM of 1000 and wheatgrass juicers have an RPM of 80-120.  (I found this info on the same website as above).
  • There is another option! A Manual Juicer!! Which looks a lot like the canning materials my parents used to use for tomatoes.  On this website, the manual juicers were still $95.  (This image is from the same website as above)


  • On Livestrong.com, they mention putting wheatgrass into a blender and then straining the juice. I wonder about the oxidizing of enzymes, the blender seems pretty harsh too.


  • I did find on livestrong.com, that most people do not ingest the blades because they are fibrous and do not digest well.


Well- I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with this wonderful sun food.  I do know–I want it in my body.

From the Kitchen…
August 7, 2011, 9:39 pm
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Today my day consisted of laundry, grocery shopping, kombucha, and my first time in the kitchen with pesto & spring rolls (not together though, bleh!)

I had received a bunch of fresh basil from my friend Holly, so I thought I would try my hand at making my own pesto from scratch.  I heard it was easy so I thought I would attempt it.

First off, you should know, I rarely use recipes.  I have this second nature for most things cookery so most of the time I have a skeleton idea and just go from there.  The ingredients I were told to use were:

Basil Leaves


Pine Nuts (for cheaper substitution, cashews or any oily nut) 

Lemon Juice (yummy taste and basil preserver) 


Throw in food processor and you’re done..right?

As I started, I realized I wasn’t sure if it was safe to use basil leaves and stems or just leaves.  I did a quick google search and sure enough, use only the leaves.  I don’t think the stems will kill you or anything but I think it makes the pesto consistency change.

Lessons Learned: I need more basil. Also, I think the nuts need a few choppings more than the rest of the ingredients. I still think I’m going to use my less-than-perfect pesto for something.. maybe sauté with mushrooms?

I haven’t tried the spring rolls yet, you’ll have to stay tuned for the results.